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10,000ft and climbing in Late May...many first Xc´s

May has been a great month of thermalling and Xc flying, we´ve gone from cool April spring changes to cooking Summer temperatures and big flights

31st May 2012

This latest week s flying has been a been a little quieter with a smaller group of Six pilots from the Uk. Its been a great week showing everyone the highs and lows of thermalling. Sunday was a good days flying at Ronda to dust of the kit. however Monday saw a couple of the group climb out, flop over the back and land and Rob & Rick sky out and fly the 50-60 k to Campillos, landing out of choice following 3hrs of flying and height gains of 10,000 ft.

The next day, everyone was focused on epic day two and typically how the tables turned as Ivan and David specced out into orbit and outflew local and visitors a like and landed in Ronda whilst the previous days heroes were looking sadly skywards...the luck of thermalling.

The weather has been roasting so with a bit of frontal wind the boys hit the lake to cool off but Friday proved to be a cracking end to the week with great flights of Lijar from all.

if you´d be interested in our thermalling weeks then by all means see our thermalling holiday pages or visit our Dates and bookings pages for more information. Our testimonails pages has plenty of reviews if your in any doubt

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