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We teach you from scratch so full intro into the gear, we use a winch  or hill to get you airborne with the paraglider and once you are looking good at taking off and landing, we progress quickly onto the motors.


BHPA CP Power.


Yes of course. Just ask


Full annual membership.

A complete set of paragliding gear plus 2 meter radios, we sell gear here so if you're short you can choose something from our shop.


We can rent full equipment fro 400 euros cash. We occasionally hire small audio only varios, but that's all. You'll need to buy a radio.



Yes of course, we stock a huge range of harnesses & gliders to fly and and buy as well as a cupboard full of reserves and helmets.


We aim to bring calm and confidence to your launch and landing skills, teach you how to fly efficiently and stay up for longer using the great Spanish thermals and afternoon ridge lift? Theres a lot more detail on the Mentor plus guided page


During COVID no deposits or payment in advance is required. Payment is only requested upon arrival.




During Covid we are only taking a 50 Euros deposit. 

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