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Last flights are generally done by Sunset on Friday evening, sometimes earlier, just depends on the weather.


Many do, hire cars can be really cheap and plentiful from Malaga, or we can organise a taxi or point you to a bus where possible.


Of course you can, we’re happy to help organise alternative accommodation for the week for you but unless they have a seperate car they won’t be able to come out and see you fly.

Yes we do, the house is well equipped, the rooms are very comfortable.

The houses are self catering but in truth most go down to the square for some of the best and cheapest coffee and breakfast options found anywhere in Europe. 10 euros will get you dinner and drinks, Spain is famous for tapas, food and drink is incredibly good and really inexpensive.

Yes there is. 

You can use it if you like, we do encourage pilots to get used to using their own gear, the lead instructor will give it a cursory inspection before he lets you fly it.

You need a minimum of a three month membership to attend a beginners course and an annual membership if you wish to carry on and get qualified (ie the CP course).

During the COVID period no payment or deposit will be taken in advance.

Simply go to our website homepage, click on 'Manage Booking' and enter your username and password. (Email us if you have any problems signing in).

Accommodation based on two sharing, all tuition and equipment for the week plus airport transfers as per our usual time.

Depends on the season and the course, late October to April we tend to do a 9 - 6 pm type day, but once the clocks have changed - we often meet early to fly and finish to avoid the heat and thermic cycle of midday and reconvene to fly a later shift from 5-10 pm.

Sunset, but depends on the weather.

Our prices are based on a package, so at best we can offer you £50 off your course price if you don’t want accommodation.

Great bring it, as it's important to learn to use your own gear (we don't offer a discount).

Mostly yes, but we don’t make guarantees, not everyone can learn in a set time, some pilots need more flights or days to achieve, we would say 99% qualify each course, we will brief you on how you are getting on throughout the week.

Yes, the BHPA allow you to transfer your license to an IPPI ticket, it’s an additional admin charge via the BHPA of £12

Use of our equipment, all tuition, site fees, transfers around flying sites, radios and safety gear. plus accommodation and transfer to and from airport (on our 1pm courtesy shuttle dates).

The emphasis is producing a pilot who can confidently go home, reverse launch and soar with other pilots in the UK or Europe. We normally achieve soaring flights of half hour to 3 hrs. The minimum in your syllabus is 4 flights of ten minutes, we will easily rockstar that!

The Ep beginners course needs just a 3 month training membership, but to qualify on CP you need a full annual membership.

No more than 4


All equipment, you just bring some decent boots and clothing for flying, wind proof jacket etc.


Yes. We can also supply you with an address for shipping if you’d like.


10% theory, the rest is all practical with snippets of appropriate theory thrown in. Take off and landings are everything.