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Yes a two meter radio.

Bring a spare if you have one. If the course is in Algodonales we often keep spares, bt In Turkey we travel light

Yes probably, as you might get a chance to go flying in the local mountains around the course.

Yes we have a shop with a mix of instruments.


Yes of course, that's part of the attraction of our base here is that you have the Andalucian range to play in after the course is finished



If You're joining us in Turkey there are regular shuttles up the mountain, we pay and organise them for the course but not outside the course. Outside of Siv flights its easy enough to find a van going up.


7/8 pilots to two instructors


A bucket load of flying, thermalling and cross country flights depending on what the weather offers and what standard you are. we offer full Gps tracking support to help you concentrate on your flying and leave the logistics to us.



We include full retrieve, daily briefings and route planning, use of our FlyMaster trackers and full guiding from one of our top paragliding pilots. Also included is airport collection (1pm drop off and pick up on dates given on the Calender), accomodation, guiding and transportation during the week.


Yes if you are on a guided or Siv week, two metres, not PMR or shortwave.

No if you are on a tuition week, all kit is provided.


Yes, it's all about going up and going distance, that said if you want to stay on the hill and soar and not go Xc that's fine too.


8 Pilots

Learn about pitch , roll, deflations, roll control and much more, then repeat on a motor.

Accommodation, airport transfer, boat tow fees, equipment to allow you to do that, and access to our paramotors on final days.

Yes if you are on a guided or Siv week, two metres, not PMR or shortwave.

No if you are on a tuition week, all kit is provide

Not especially. 

Yes sure, although we don’t always stock radios, best to ask before you arrive.

Yes, you can use our machines if they are free but you have to cover oil and fuel costs plus any breakages.

A UK conversion takes 2/3 days, we allow 5/6 to give you more practice at taking off and landing plus a bucket load more airtime means a better pilot in the long run.

Yes, we will need your BHPA number two weeks before arrival so we can order it. 

On the paragliding hill courses you do need to walk up and down a 200 feet or 80 metre slope over the course of 2-3 days. There's no rush so long as you get back to the top of the hill then it’s all good. Once you're happy at flying at those heights then we drive you up bigger hills to fly. If you're unsure about previous medical conditions then maybe best ask your doctor before booking.


No, you can book a single person supplement to get a room to yourself, please select this on your Arrival form at the time of booking. We currently don’t have many ensuite rooms so they are on a first come first served basis.

There is a certain amount of theory to achieve during the week plus an easy multiple choice exam, if we get any bad weather days we’ll use those for that. We occasionally take students out and show them a slice of Andalucia, it's a beautiful place with a rich history in food and architecture.

There is a certain amount of theory to achieve during the week plus an easy multiple choice exam for beginners, it's really very easy and we provide lectures during the week to help. You can buy a book before you come either from us or the BHPA.

We are a BHPA rated and supported school, so are our instructors, if you’d like to get our high standard of instruction I’m afraid you will have to join the BHPA, you can get an IPPI qualification which allows you to get an internationally recognised certificate to fly but please check if your own country does recognise them, most of Europe certainly does and we can help and advise with that.

Not really, it has more to do with maybe how much heat you like or don’t. It's cooler from Feb through to late April and from late October to mid December. The longer days of summer and Autumn often mean we take a break or siesta to avoid the thermic part and hottest part of the day, and go out again until late.