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We expect you to bring your own equipment . (Email us if you have a query)

We can sometimes rent equipment for 400 euros per week.


Yes, if you’ve done an Ep you can get your Cp ticked off, training is additional to the course but drop us a line and we can discuss it.


Yes we can provide camping gear or you can bring your own


Yes by all means, there's plenty to do, from sea to beach to sand dunes to biking and water parks etc, it makes for a great family holiday


Yes if you are on a guided or Siv week, two metres, not PMR or shortwave.

No if you are on a tuition week, all kit is provide

Not really.


Periera is favourite or Bogota or Cali, please ask beofre booking so we can coordinate pick ups

Colombia :

Piedechince is the perfect place to get into the swing of thermalling, a great area to refresh your skills with great take off sites, easy landings, superb thermalling and some great XC opportunities


If you can forward launch you can come, like Colombia conditions are pleasnat on take off and in the air, you'll need to ba able to land on your own.

Thankfully it is now history, we fly with professional guides, well versed in where to fly, we fly in the the popular areas of the Cacao valley, we use local sims to keep in touch plus our Famous FlyMaster live trackers to keep a watchful eye. We have never had an incident that has made us worry about Colombia in six years, tourism is on the rise, the locals are some of the friendliest folk you’ll ever meet.

2 meter

Only really if you plan to go wild camping afterwards



Yes if you are on a guided or Siv week, two metres, not PMR or shortwave.

No if you are on a tuition week, all kit is provided.


10-12 pilots plus two/three guides

Not a problem, but if you’ve not done any thermalling before then you’ll not get as much out of the holiday


We land in Kathmandu, then go to Pokhara.

Officially yes, in truth only if you plan to go wild camping afterwards

Spend a day in kathmandu, head to Pokhara either via a flying site or direct, organize paperwork and permissions, fly locally for three days before exploring some other sites.


Don't drink the water from the tap, don't clean your teeth with it. Use bottled, boiled or purified water.

I personally take probiotics few days before to come to Nepal to get my stomach as healthy as possible. I take them sometimes during my stay.  I also buy a hand sanitizer to keep my hands clean before to eat.

Also check with your doctor about next advises:

Courses or boosters usually advised: hepatitis A; typhoid; diphtheria; tetanus; poliomyelitis.
Other vaccines to consider: hepatitis B; rabies; Japanese encephalitis (for eastern and low lying areas); cholera.
Pokhara is not in a malaria area.

Yes of course.

Possibly but depends on numbers and there is unlikely to be any space in the van to go up the hill


8-12 pilots plus two guides

Spain courses:

Accommodation, airport transfer, boat tow fees, coaching etc,  tow equipment to allow you to do that.

Turkey courses:

  • Transport to launch on SIV manoeuvres days
  • A safety boat in the water at all times
  • Wet bags for radio’s
  • Life jackets
  • Full expert tuition
  • Pre and post flight briefings
  • Optional daily debrief using HD video footage

What is not -

  • Accommodation
  • Forestry fees
  • Radios

Thermalling is flying around in circles to stay in the areas of best lift exactly the same way as the birds, like kites & buzzards or Griffin Vultures (which you see in this country all year round). Average good climb rates in Britain during the summer are around 400 feet per minute although 900 to 1000 feet per minute is not unheard off.

There is nothing to compare to the buzz you get from banking a glider onto it's wing tip and rising skywards in a strong, smooth thermal, ground features getting smaller with every turn. One student on his first trip abroad said to me following his first thermic flight "I am so glad that I’ve not gone through my entire life without experiencing that incredible flight". All this and more is open to you in the world of paragliding and it is one of the few adventure sports where women can compete on equal terms with men as physical strength or body weight is not an issue.

Our Mentor plus Paragliding holidays are aimed at low airtime pilots, balanced courses and holidays to educate and teach pilots new skills to get the best from their flying and go cross country on a paraglider using thermals.

Yes a two meter radio.

Bring a spare if you have one. If the course is in Algodonales we often keep spares, bt In Turkey we travel light