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Senior Instructor, Guide and Tandem Pilot

Cornish Ross has been a Paragliding instructor with us for over five years. As well as running a good deal of our paragliding training courses he also guides on a paragliding holiday too as well as brings on new instructors that come into our fold. He has made quite an impression since the day he started with us, not just for being a solid and quietly confident coach and instructor on our paragliding courses . He now is the Instructor in charge of our paragliding pilot development scheme and in-house instructor training as well as being a demon table tennis. There's not much Ross hasn´t tried, a high-level competition downhill skater in his time. Top chief and snowboarder...the more we see of Ross the more surprises we see...obsessed by anything acro we look forward to him making a splash with the pilotage courses we run here. 


  • Cornish
  • Flies - BGD Base
  • Ozone pod harness
  • Extra super powers - Table tennis, Gin making
  • Years flying - 7
  • Favourite local flying Site - Ronda la Vieja
  • Favourite international flying Site - Roldanillo, Colombia