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Senior Instructor, Tandem and Paramotor Pilot

A pilot of 15 years, he´s flown extensively in his home area of Northern Ireland,Slovenia, France, Morroco, Columbia and Bulgaria as well as been a regular competition pilot. An instructor for 3 years already with us Tony is always the centre of the party, his enthusiasm for the sport comes through, if you don´t get the idea that flying is for fun then there´s no hope.  With a passion for all things paragliding, you´ll most likely meet Tony either on our Paramotor courses as well as helping out on paragliding  tuition and guided holidays here in Spain. He now works part time with us Spain as he has a summer school running in Northern Ireland


  • Northen Ireland
  • Flies - Gin Carrera
  • Ozone pod harness
  • Extra superpowers - Vegetable tajines, knitting
  • Years flying - 12
  • Favourite local flying Site - Ell Bosque
  • Favourite international flying Site - Pokhara, Nepal