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Our enthusiastic Jersey born Pilot

Theo giving it beans - Talented acro pilotTheo Ibbotson is our resident paramotor instructor. Theo was introduced to the sport at the meagre age of 16, as this hobby quickly became a passion, paramotoring started to take over all aspects of his life. At the age of 20, Theo became one of the BHPA’s youngest ever fully qualified instructors.

With goals and aspirations of competitive paramotor slalom racing, Theo applies this passion, drive and determination into his teaching, as well as giving clients unrivalled knowledge of paramotor kit selection. All in all, Theo creates a unique, fun and determined atmosphere to the week’s flying. Catch him on one of our various paramotoring courses offered at FlySpain.


  • Born - Jersey
  • Flies - Pap & Polini 250
  • Gin Carve/ Ozone Rush 5
  • Extra superpowers - talking the hind legs of a donkey, Motocross
  • Years flying - 4
  • Favourite local flying Site - Ell Bosque
  • Favourite international flying Site - Dune de Pyla, Bordeaux