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Paramotor & Paragliding Instructor

Ric is a top level paramotor pilot, having been flying paragliders since he was 14 in the North of England, paramotoring since he was 16  he has now competed on the medal-winning British Team at the World Championships 2012 and 2016 ,and coming in the top 5 in the British Nationals, for the past 3 years in a row.  This year has seen him win the British paramotor championships on his Parajet unit. He is mellow, patient and always happy, all of which make him a popular and excellent instructor on our paramotor courses and holidays.  He is regularly seen taking to the air once the teaching is over for the day.  He is always great to watch in the air - a master of paramotoring.


  • Yorkshire
  • Flies - Parajet Zenith 250
  • Paramania GTr
  • Extra superpowers - Brewing beer
  • Years flying - 10
  • Favourite local flying Site - Ell Bosque
  • Favourite international flying Site - Lijar, Algodonales