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Instructor, Tandem Pilot, Acro natural and SIV Instructor

A pilot for 14years and with us for four. He´s a natural pilot and a likeable Instructor and a brilliant member of our team. Niall has spent the last few years in Nepal as a Tandem pilot and coach, the high mountains of the Himalayas is where he´s done the majority of his flying although ironically he´s well known in Jersey for his flying and coaching style having lived there on and off for ten years. With a passion for all things paragliding, he organises our  Pilotage & S.I.V. training as well as helping out on paragliding  tuition and guided holidays here in Spain


  • Northen England
  • Flies - Advance Sigma 9, Uturn Blackout
  • Sup Air pod harness
  • Extra superpowers - Supermoto, gardening
  • Years flying - 12
  • Favourite local flying Site - El Bosque
  • Favourite international flying Site - Pokhara, Nepal